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Established in April 2021, when construction began, the Berliner Platz Event Center (BPEC) is expected to be opened by the beginning of November 2023.
The Berliner Platz Event Center (BPEC) is a multi-purpose venue with a wide range of facilities and services. In addition to the main Auditorium which has been furnished with central air-conditioning, it
has a 2-storey restaurant, a single-storey servery as well as a 5-room office which can also be used for an office space/ meetings within the compound.
It is currently one of the biggest and most modern event centers in Accra, located at Adjiringanor, close to the Sahara Gold Company. The floor area in the main Auditorium is approximately 980m2 and can
accommodate 500 people, with the compound estimated at about 1200m2, which can also accommodate in excess of 500 people.
The location is 61 Tsatsa Dzani Street, with GPS No. is GD-235-8894
When completed, the Berliner Platz Event Center will be Accra’s preferred destination for significant events.